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[US] Torchlight III - A Few Trophies Game Save

Download Name: [US] Torchlight III - A Few Trophies Game Save   NEW

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: JayCR

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA10227

File Size: 28.55 MB

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Item description:

I JUST got the "Elite Defense" trophy for getting 1337 defense. All the gear is on the Statue in my Fort. Use the level 28 Sharpshooter. You can try for the other trophies I have also achieved.. I have obtained.. "Rolling Stones, Legendary Collection, Savant, Break All the Things, Never Netherim, Pampered Pet, Lore Master, AND Legendary Loot" I also have a few story ones as well. You can just start a new character and get that 1st trophy of the game (Yapper Slapper) and then find a wayppoint (Way To Go) trophy and then (Straight to the Point) for Trevail Point. Then go Kill Wideload (Unloaded) and Strongtusk (Even Stronger) and (Big Brawler) for killing the major Boss of Act 1 and the (Cozy Cove) (Psora Not Sorry) (Getting Krronk) and that's as far as I got in game and Elite Defense is my last trophy. It's a bit much in terms of info but you got it.
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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