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[US] Axiom Verge: Nearly Invincible and Other Endgame Trophies Save

Download Name: [US] Axiom Verge: Nearly Invincible and Other Endgame Trophies Save [CUSA01230]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: BubbaDaBarb

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA01230

File Size: 1.45 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This is a save from my most recent run of Axiom Verge. It's not entirely finished but a couple of the most difficult trophies can be obtained with it. Here's what you can earn and how to earn them:

You'll want to use the Normal difficulty save in the second slot. Load it up and leave the save room proceeding upwards through a few barriers to the final boss.
Once you're there and the drones spawn set off a address bomb with L2 to earn the Hacker trophy.

Aim for the computer console at the top of the room and destroy the drones if you're low on health or bombs. (The flamethrower weapon works wonders.)
After destroying the console for the third time you'll earn the Atetos and Mercy trophies. Also if you beat the boss without dying you'll earn Mostly Invincible for beating the game with only a single (story related) death.

All of the 100% trophies (other than 100% tools) can also be earned with this save if you bother to hunt down the missing weapon, power nodes, notes, and health nodes as well as the parts of the map that aren't explored. It'll be a bit of work seeing as you can't track item locations (as far as I know) but you'll have more than enough health and power to carve your way through the game and explore. I hope that this helps you get some the peskier trophies out of the way and I'll probably try and update this post once I reach the end of the hard mode save I started. (Not sure if it'll be soon but I'll get around to it eventually.) Enjoy!

Axiom Verge: Almost Invincible and Hacker
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