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[EU] Resident Evil 7 Save - Who's Your Daddy Now?

Download Name: [EU] Resident Evil 7 Save - Who's Your Daddy Now?  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Saves

Author: Meracle

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA03842

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Item description:

Who's Your Daddy Now? - Complete the game on Madhouse

Head all the way through the Guest House to the backdoor for a short scene and then into the attic to face Evaline. hallucinations along the way are harmless.
In the attic, Run (not walk) towards Evaline and time [L1] to block the shockwaves to avoid being knocked back.
For the fight, just lay into the giant face with the Magnum and it will end quickly. (infinite ammo + tons of heals)
Don't put the controller down just yet. Fire your shots into the final form, until you get a more powerful gun given to you, and then finish it off with that.


The Nightmare's Finally Over - Complete the game on Normal

Will pop with the previous trophy.


Biospattered - Unlock all trophies. (Platinum)

It should also unlock now if you have been following the guides order correctly.


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Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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