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Download Name: MEMCARDREX 1.6  

Category: PlayStation 1 PS1 Memory Card Save Files (Emulator)

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

MemcardRex is a PSX Memory Card explorer/editor.

The following Memory Card formats are supported:

ePSXe/PSEmu Pro Memory Card(*.mcr)
DexDrive Memory Card(*.gme)
pSX/AdriPSX Memory Card(*.bin)
Bleem! Memory Card(*.mcd)
VGS Memory Card(*.mem, *.vgs)
PSXGame Edit Memory Card(*.mc)
DataDeck Memory Card(*.ddf)
WinPSM Memory Card(*.ps)
Smart Link Memory Card(*.psm)
PSP virtual Memory Card(*.VMP) (opening only)
PS3 virtual Memory Card(*.VM1)

The following single save formats are supported:

PSXGame Edit single save(*.mcs)
XP, AR, GS, Caetla single save(*.psx)
Memory Juggler(*.ps1)
Smart Link(*.mcb)
RAW single saves
PS3 virtual saves (*.psv) (importing only)

Reading and writing data to real Memory Cards is supported via DexDrive.

As of version 1.6 MemcardRex has a suport for InterAct DexDrive. Both reading and writing data from/to PS1 Memory Cards is supported. As you may or may not know DexDrive is a very quirky device and sometimes it just refuses to work. Even the first party software (DexPlorer) has problems with it (failed detection of a device). If you encounter problems, unplug power from DexDrive, unplug it from COM port and connect it all again. It is recommended that a power cord is connected to a DexDrive, otherwise some cards won't be detected. Communication was tested on Windows 7 x64 on a real COM port and with a Prolific based USB adapter. To select a COM port DexDrive is connected to go to "Options"->"Preferences".
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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