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HDL Dump Helper GUI (for Linux & Windows) 2.3

Download Name: HDL Dump Helper GUI (for Linux & Windows) 2.3  

Category: PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 Modding & Tools

Submitted By: Sean

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HDL Dump Helper GUI is a graphical program, which helps to install PS2 games from a PC onto the PS2. Its based on the command line program hdl_dump and includes mostly all its functions in an easier way.

With it you can install PS2 games over LAN or on a locally connected PS2 HDD through IDE or USB. It also can list and edit the installed games from the HDD which is stored in your PS2. You also can copy the games back from the PS2 HDD onto your PC.

HDL Dump Helper GUI is coded in Java and therefore it works on nearly all OS (e.g. many Linux Distributions, Windows) except MAC OS, because there is no hdl_dump for MAC included.

The only thing you need is the Java Runtime Environment in the latest Version.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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