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[EU] Borderlands 3 save (all char at lvl 50+ really good weapons)

Download Name: [EU] Borderlands 3 save (all char at lvl 50+ really good weapons) [CUSA8025]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: zebbidy

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA8025

File Size: 50.78 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 6

Downloads: 424

Views: 3,147

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Item description:

Here is a save with modded characters using save wizard, i spent ages farming all these weapons/grenades/artifacts and getting each character to level 50 with mayhem mode unlocked for each.
guardian rank is set to max as well.
Hopefully this will provide help to a fair few.

has equipped-
Artic reflex Night Hawking
Auditing Crossroads
Binary Hazardous Cutsman
Premium Frozen Polybus
Improved barricade sheild
Treacherous Disaster Executor class mod
ice breaker victory rush

In backpack-
Lucians call x4
Auditing crossroads x 2
arctic reflexive night hawking
artic relentless night hawking
cash-infused crossroads
defrauding crossroads
undermining crossroads
hostile crossroads x 2
molten vicious lyuda
engulfing shredifier
binary mocking cutsman
rowans call
engulfing super shredifier
trick unforgiving
ill-fated cheap shot executer mod
lucky unsporting executer
shady shockwave infiltrator
treacherous disaster executer
inertia tax return shield
metabolizing stop gap shield
recurring hex grenade x 3
super cell contact grenade
adrenaline rough rider shield
improved rebel shield
storm front grenade
rain firestorm grenade
ice breaker victory rush
Vengeance red suit shield

has equipped
Hyperfocus xz41
Dastardly muckamuck
booster spiked shell shield
tactical full automaton mod
large big bangatron tracker grenade
zappy cryo stone

in backpack
artic relentless kaos
rubys wrath
overflowing scream of terror shield
hemorrhaging whiskey tango foxtrot shield
roided airstrike EXPLODER grenade
rubber chedder shredder
spark plug launch pad artifact


Hostile crossroads
Holistic the butcher
dastardly maggie
Firesale long musket++
Booster chameleon shield
Desperate entrenched bloodletter mod
Elemental projector Deathless artifact
Recurring hex

Auditing crossroads
oozing laser-sploder
Binary sublime cutsman
viscious lyuda
turbo firesale ten gallon
triple-penetrating shredded bangstick
shredded devils foursum
hazardous thunderball fists
swift infinity
cockey flakker
razarez the dictator
tamed sleeping giant
infranty medic red card shield
recurring hex grenade
storm front grenade
grave artifact
loaded last stand

Devils foursum
reflexive vanquisher
daft barrage
big short front loader shield
fulgurating stormbringer mod
spark plug cosmic crater artifact
porcelain pipe bomb grenade

moar pain is power
shrinking the boring gun
the lob
abundant projectile reacursion
gatlin gatlin gun
double penetrating occultist
the transformer sheild
dastardly hand of glory

Lucians call x 2
Expert ASMD
Auditing crossroads
Engulfing Faisor
Iron willed monocle
Oozing gratifying roisen's thorns
itchy gratifying laser-sploder
stimulating gratifying laser-sploder
Nuclear sickle
Artic deft stalker
Hazardous kill-o-the-wisp
projectile recursion
Artic trained kaos
Dangerous Trevonator
Burning gratifying laser-sploder
double penetrating occultist
shrinking gratifying laser-sploader
negating viscious lyuda
Artic nimble stalker
High capacity nimble stalker
subsidized fearmonger
burning devils foursum
molten viscious lyuda
auditing fearmonger
kings call
auditing conference call
otchy damned
fortified bloodletter mod
speedloading hellwaker
burning flakkerkings call
polite lead sprinkler
queens call x 2
itchy flakker
dastardly unforgiven
recurring hex
cloning ghost call grenade
the transformer shield
cutpurse safeguard artifact
radiation stone moxxi's endowment artifact
rubber cheddar shredder
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is this even modded? what weapons and what has been done to characters?


Hi, thank you for taking the time to do this, however this only unpacks as a Fl4k save, with virtually no gear, am I doing something wrong?


how do i add this to my ps4 when i tried it says the save data belong to another player and wouldn't let me add it to my ps4


wie genau bekomme ich das bei mir zum laufen?


Duudee just aweesome thank you so much !!!!!!


Awesome saves mate. Thank u