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[AS] One Tap Hero Near Platinum Save [CUSA01642

Download Name: [AS] One Tap Hero Near Platinum Save [CUSA01642  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA01642

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Item description:

I will upload the full platinum save when i did manage finish it !

Complete the first level and the following trophies pop :

Wizard (soon when this is a complete platinum save)
First Step
Community Guardian
Part Time Explorer
I'm Rich
What Time Is It Now?

Complete the first level of the second world and the following trophies pop :*

[/b]Tourist of the flying castle
Ruler of the sky
Air Rex

Complete the first level of the third world and the following trophies pop :*

[/b]Wild* Safari
Indiana Who? (soon when this is a complete platinum save)
Lost in Red (soon when this is a complete platinum save

Complete the first level of the fourth world and the following trophies pop :*

[/b]Little Red Riding Hood
Real Grandma (soon when this is a complete platinum save)
Shadow Master (soon when this is a complete platinum save)

Complete the first level of the fifth world and the following trophies pop :

Gong Hey Fat Choy
Give me red pockets (soon when this is a complete platinum save)

Buy the last suit and equip it (you have enough gold for this) the following trophies pop :

No Longer Naked

Get killed by a Red Apple in level 1 of the third world and the following trophies pop :

You've Got Red On You

Start the first level in the first world and stand still for 1min and the following trophies pop :


Watch the Credits in the game (this can be done in options but cant be skipped) :

I Love Coconut Island

Need to be done legit

First Blood

Story related, cannot be missed. Red Apples are the enemy characters that first appear in World 3. As soon as one dies - either through an environmental hazard or falling off the map - this trophy will pop.

There is only one opportunity to do this in the game and it is during Level 3-7. You will need to trigger a boulder to clear your path, and will run over 6-7 enemies almost simultaneously. See the video below on how to do this.

1000 Ways to Die

Die 1000 times.

Depending on your skill/use of video guides, this may or may not come as you play.

In all likelihood you will need to grind this. Fortunately there are a few good locations to earn this, where the Level will spawn you in the path of a trap. If you let the controller idle, you will be killed over and over by the trap without having to input anything. Note that the Level automatically restarts upon your death, so you can set the controller down and walk away while this grind automatically.

I would recommend combining this with Never Give Up and Sticks At Funeral, using Level 2-6. Please refer to the video below.

One Tap Hero - Sticks At Funeral Trophy/1000 Ways to Die - YouTube

Never Give Up

see 1000 Ways To Die

Rolling Stone
Push a rolling stone more than 4s.

To earn this you need to be in contact with a moving stone for a least 4 seconds. If the stone is wedged, it won't count. This may come naturally on one of the later Levels, otherwise there is a replicable opportunity in Level 2-14. Although the stone is stuck, it keeps turning and will trigger the trophy. Refer to the video below which depicts the technique.
One Tap Hero - Rolling Stone Trophy - YouTube

Spring Festival
Continuously jump onto a spring more than 10 times.

This one is a bit tricky as most of the time when to hit a spring you are in motion and will propel forward off it. Fortunately there is an excellent location in Level EX 1-4, where you start bouncing on a spring with no lateral movement. Just idle for 10 bounces and the trophy is yours. One Tap Hero - Spring Festival Trophy - YouTube

Sticks At Funeral
I would recommend combining this with 1000 Ways to Die, using Level 2-6. You can load the Level and just let the controller idle, as the Level will continuously respawn you in the path of the hammer for repeated deaths. One Tap Hero - Sticks At Funeral Trophy/1000 Ways to Die - YouTube

One Tap Hero
Clear a level with one tap and 3 stars.

I believe the only opportunity to do this is Level 1-5. You need only one jump to clear the block at the start and then you will fall and reach the exit. It may take a couple of attempts, as you need just the right angle to collect all 3 Stars. One Tap Hero - One Tap Hero Trophy - YouTube

The Tourist
Stand on a moving platform more than 15 seconds.

There are a lot of moving platforms in this game, but not all have a block on them, and some will kill you or drop you off if you wait too long. I recommend Level 2-17, as all 3 platforms have blocks and you can stand idle on them indefinitely. Trophy will pop as soon as you pass a total of 15 seconds standing on them. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Time For Bed
Play for more than 2 hours in a single session.

This may come naturally if you play long enough, otherwise you will need to let the game on idle. You can use the technique under 1000 Ways to Die, or just leave your character wedged against a block where he can't move.

I do not believe that leaving the game paused or on a menu will count towards time for this trophy, but as long as you don't close the app it won't negate the trophy.

Make level EX1-5 rotate more than 42 round.

You will need to collect the Keys from World 1 to unlock the EX Levels. When you load EX 1-5, you will be in a spinning box. If you leave your controller idle, you will automatically move around the outer layer of the box. You will need to complete j42 rotations, then finish the Level. Unlike the other action specific trophies, this will NOT pop mid-level, so you will need to complete the Level before it registers. I would suggest idling for about 10-15 minutes, then progress to the end and it should pop.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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