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GTA Reload

Download Name: GTA Reload  

Category: PC Game Mods GTA: San Andreas Mods

Submitted By: Ahri

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File Size: 50.01 MB

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Item description:

GTA reload v52

Description of global fashion:

1 on the beach of Santa Maria appear island.

2 color machines Changed.

3 added saving.

4 added super taxi.

5 desert Changed.

6 in San Fierro near the bridge Gant added heavenly island.

7 On the island of Santa Maria music plays.

8 added tuning Moto.

9 there is a cave with two places on the island .

9.1 in the first place there is an infection after which you will have to restart the save game.

9.2 in the second place sits crazy Claude (the protagonist of GTA 3) he has a minigun try to kill him.

10 Mod works in PC version of GTA SA and mobile version of GTA SA.

11 on the island there is a task to find 6 multi-colored bags.

12 Gangs are now in Las Venturas and San Fierro.

13 Added super destructive weapon of SP-16.

14 airport Changed.

15 improved atmosphere.

16 Added new radio. (mobile)

17 80% of the houses are open.

18 Gangs can enter the premises.

19 Added to the secret.

20 Tuning anywhere.

21 Change skins.

22 Change weapons.

23 Missions.

24 Area 51 open.

25 Added 7 machine colors.

26 added track to Las Venturas.

27 fixed bugs and crashes.

28 changed grove street.

29 Added a small settlement.

30 Updated to the island of San Fierro.

31 Added new ways of cars and trains.

32 Save anywhere.

33 added cheat code "SEAROADER".(personal computer)

34 autopilot Added.

35 added teleport.

36 added HP machines. (mobile)

37 Settlement near the island.

38 blur Removed.

39 added zone in stalkers.

40 map Updated.

41 added skycar mission.

42 Repaired the cut tracks.

43.Added underground city.
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Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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