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New Great Effects 1.4

Download Name: New Great Effects 1.4  

Category: PC Game Mods GTA: San Andreas Mods

Submitted By: Ahri

Date Added:

File Size: 7.83 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This mod improves all the visual effects in SA.

This mod Replaces:

- particle.txd

- hud.txd

- effectsPC.txd

- effects.fxp

- fronten_pc.txd

- fronten1.txd

- vehicle.txd

- cj_street_props.txd

- cj_traffic.txd

- gay_xref.txd

- mitraffic.txd

- a51_alpha.txd

- a51_detailstuff.txd

- ballyswater.txd

- lodcunty.txd

- rczero_track.txd

- vegaswaterfall.txd

- vgndwntwn3.txd

- waterfall_sfw.txd

This mod Contains:

- Transparent Water (improved).

- Wind system (now effects are afected by wind).

- New aim.

- Real traffic lights (improved) (SF bug fixed).

- New rocketlauncher aim.

- New radar look.

- Plane icon when you fly (improved).

- New Marker.

- New blood (improved).

- Better blood effect (improved).

- New sparks effect (When a bullet hit on some place will be created some beautiful sparks and some fragments).

- Realistic Moon (improved).

- New sun (improved).

- New sun reflects.

- New clouds (improved).

- New clouds effect.

- New yetpack effect.

- New fire (very improved).

- New flamethrower effect (very improved).

- New molotov fire.

- Realistic explosions (very improved).

- New cool debris added to vehicle explosions (improved).

- New spraycan effect.

- Real extinguisher effect (improved).

- Better texture and better effect for insects (a fly).

- The bests gunshells.

- New gunshell effect (very improved).

- New gun flash effect (very improved).

- New gun smoke effect (improved)

- New gun heat haze effect.

- New lockonfire (improved).

- New Water effects (improved).

- New rain effect (improved).

- New sand effects (improved).

- Real random bubbles (improved).

- New Shadows (improved).

- Real headlights (improved).

- New street lights (improved).

- New light beam.

- New carwash effect (made with water no with smoke like the original).

- New heli/hydra dust (like the real).

- New riot smoke (improved).

- Better flare's red smoke (longer).

- New missiles smoke (improved).

- New chimney smoke.

- New vent smoke.

- New nitro.

- New broken glass.

- Clean cars.

- New steering wheels (improved).

- New Tyres (improved).

- New wheels vision.

- Better menu arrow.

- Transparent cursor.

- And more...

NOTE: This mod includes a modified HQLM.

Thank you for permission!
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Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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