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Dead Rising 1 - 1 Hit Kill + Super Throw Gamesave

Download Name: Dead Rising 1 - 1 Hit Kill + Super Throw Gamesave  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

There was some high demand for modded DR1 saves a while back, Since then, me and T3CH have been talking and decided to make a trainer, that will be public tomorrow, However for those without a JTAG and wish to use modified save, We decided to make the first modded saves for the community to have :)

Save Contains -

1 Hit Kill
Super Throw

Save state is at the very beginning of the game (nothing unlocked, you will need to do that)

Thanks to T3CH for taking the time to make the trainer all on his own, due to me not having a JTAG anymore, and some funny chats along the way, Love yew T3CH :D
Renegade - Testing and sharing the save to the community :)

Flaws with the save -

I can't remember if you can Jump-Kick in this game, If so, you can't do it, unless it's unlocked at a higher level, it's been a while.

When we say 1 hit kill, We mean it, this includes damage applied to survivors, you're going to need to be careful, 1 hit and they go BOOM, R.I.P Jeff and Natalie from the first part of the game :)
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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