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[US] Fat Princess Adventures Platinum Save

Download Name: [US] Fat Princess Adventures Platinum Save  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Wosley & Wizard

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA01388

File Size: 2.32 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This save will get you all the trophies with some work. None pop on loading. Currently level 21(halfway to 22) with 21 diamonds and lots of gold. Should take a few hours assuming you speed run through chapter 1-7.

22 Gems
190116 Gold
Level 21
26040 Crowns


Note: Change difficulty to normal.
Killing in the name of... (Gold)
From the starting position go left and kill 1 goblin and the trophy will pop.
Elite Takedowns (Gold)
From the starting position go left kill 1 Elite enemy. (They're the ones with names)
Gearhead (Gold)
Pick up one gear by opening a chest found to the left of the starting area or killing an elite enemy. Normally the trophy is rng based and it was my final trophy of the game.
Savings Account (Gold)
Obtain gold and the trophy will pop.
There's no "I" in Team (Bronze)
Obtain gold and the trophy will pop.
Never Underestimated (Silver)
Eat a piece of cake and kill an enemy.
Juice Up (Silver)
Kill one enemy in awesome mode.
Sharpening Swords (Bronze)
Upgrade one piece of gear.
Come Out and Play (Silver), Rob From the Rich (Silver), Get Your Mage On (Silver), Rev Your Engineer (Silver), Winner Winner (Silver)
You may have to reload the save as you'll run out of diamonds doing this. Upgrade the first weapon in each class until it's maxed. Should be able to do 3 Classes per save as i was halfway on them all.
Level Cap? (Gold) -Tested
Once you level up it should pop the level 20 trophy.
The save has 21 diamonds so you only need 4 more for the trophy. This should unlock when doing the difficutly trophies.
Clearing all chapters (7 Bronze Trophies)
From the main menu go to My Game > Select Difficulty (Normal for chapter 1-6.) > New Game and pick the first chapter.
Complete Hard Mode (Gold), Complete Cakmare Mode (Gold)
Same as above except select the last chapter "Her Saltiness" and complete it. Doing so will get you the difficulty trophy you chose and you should have 25 diamonds at the end of this.
Simply Stunning (Silver), Fireworks (Silver), Chicken Coop (Silver)
These are pretty simple and you'll probably unlock Simply Stunning as you play. The others you can go to Black Forest ( the area West of the town) and progress while you try for them. (The spider area is by far the easiest to do this at as the spider nest have 2 small spiders each. Note:Should do this on Cakemare to be safe + you have to be host or it won’t pop. If you would like a video of this ill upload one.
Grindhouse Trophies (1 Bronze 1 Silver)
Win grindhouse 1 time and both trophies will unlock. (Requires 2 players total and has to be online.) I’ll be more than happy to help
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