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Mupen64Plus-Next + GLideN64 3.0 2019-03-15

Download Name: Mupen64Plus-Next + GLideN64 3.0 2019-03-15  

Category: Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Emulators

Submitted By: Sean

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Introducing Mupen64Plus-Next (Updated changelog):
This is the new WIP Mupen core I have been working on.
It is developed with a close-to-upstream approach, which eases the maintainability and provides a easier way to update core components.

Some notable changes:
New Repository approach based on `git subrepo`
Full feature parity to old Mupen
Added LOD Core option
Added Noise Core option
Added "Fullspeed" Core option (simliar to ParaLLEl)
Added VI Refresh Overclock (simliar to ParaLLEl)
Savestates for Version 1.5
Added Frame-duping option if Framebuffer Emulation is disabled
AArch64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
x64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)

Recent Updates (Partially WIP):
Fixed De-Init
Fixed Reset option
Angrylion+LLE RSP Support (not released yet, but done. First need to finish GLideN64 update, only useful for Desktop)
GLideN64 3.0 (master, currently still work-in-progess)
Overscan option for new GLideN64

Current supported platforms (old GLideN64):
Libnx (buildbot)
Android AArch64 (buildbot)
Windows x64 (buildbot)
Raspberry aarch32/armv7 (via RetroPie)
Linux x86/x64 (buildbot), arm7neonhf (supported but not active)
Classic Mods

Current supported platforms (New GLideN64):
Windows x64

Requires fw 4.x or higher.
Requires a recent Atmosphere or Hekate build with JIT Patches (if fw > 4.x)
Requires full RAM access

Since I can only upload 1 build:

GLideN64 3.0 Win64:
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Old GLideN64 build (Libnx, with JIT Patches):
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Pre-Made configs optimized for old GLideN64:
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Some Showcases:
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