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Minecraft Singleplayer Mods

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Description: Adds a bunch of new weapons for admins to use, which includes a nuclear dynamite!
Filesize: 88.12 KB
Downloads: 30
Description: This is a re-coded and updated version of Adobe Blocks by BaneSavage. This mod adds Adobe, a material used in making...
Filesize: 157.41 KB
Downloads: 1
Description: This mod adds characters from the “Adventure Time” cartoon series and some items. There are Finn, Jake, The Ice...
Filesize: 588.79 KB
Downloads: 29
Description: A really epic mod pack, download now!
Filesize: 8.68 MB
Downloads: 311
Description: Animal bikes is a Minecraft mod that allows you to easily summon ride-able animals and other creatures. All these bikes...
Filesize: 2.05 MB
Downloads: 35
Description: The ArchitectureCraft mod is a revamped and expanded version of Greg’s Blocks. You can now have blocks sloping in...
Filesize: 336.89 KB
Downloads: 11
Description: ArmorStatusHUD Mod displays your currently equipped armor and held item along with the durability remaining without...
Filesize: 24.72 KB
Downloads: 11
Description: Previously known as Kingpins Kritters Mod, now its new name is Assorted Wildlife!! This mod adds mobs to the game which...
Filesize: 658.85 KB
Downloads: 212
Description: Alright guys, today I have a really really REALLY, useful mod for you. Something that will make yours and mine’s...
Filesize: 17.34 KB
Downloads: 244
Description: This mod allows users to get back packs that carry slightly more than a normal single chest. Colored packs, and magic...
Filesize: 53.64 KB
Downloads: 244
Description: The Battle Towers Mod randomly spawns towers through out your world which you can fight and over come to gain rewards....
Filesize: 1.22 MB
Downloads: 268
Description: This mod changes the minecraft heads up display when on a horse or mount in general.
Filesize: 2.86 KB
Downloads: 1
Description: This mod changes the way beds work by a bit. For starters, similar to enviromine and other mods, you have so called...
Filesize: 116.86 KB
Downloads: 1
Description: The Better Sugar Cane Mod aims to give more uses to sugar cane. You can make handles for stronger tools and weapons as...
Filesize: 20.90 KB
Downloads: 1
Description: A rather large mod that adds a huge bunch of new blocks and items Version 3.60 adds a bunch of new functionality to...
Filesize: 784.52 KB
Downloads: 215
Description: - Villages now spawn in every biome that has a little flat land. - Villagers have betters AI. - Villages spawn 5 or...
Filesize: 125.03 KB
Downloads: 267
Description: The goal of this mod is to extend the beginning portion of Minecraft's early game, increase the difficulty, all while...
Filesize: 344.88 KB
Downloads: 5
Description: This mod adds more variety to mobs.
Filesize: 7.07 KB
Downloads: 200
Description: Block Armor is a mod that adds sets of armor made from many blocks in game, including blocks from other mods! They have...
Filesize: 397.14 KB
Downloads: 9
Description: This mod will end your problem with running out of ammo, as you can with it shoot blocks from your inventory! Blocks...
Filesize: 53.33 KB
Downloads: 28