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PS3 Homebrew

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Description: This firmware has all the functionality of the non-NOBD versions, but without the use of a disc drive on the...
Filesize: 195.05 MB
Downloads: 48
Description: Developer darkjiros is back in the PS3 scene and following the release of his 4.81 DARKNET (v1.00) CEX CFW the...
Filesize: 358.84 KB
Downloads: 20
Description: Change log (3.12): Also included are ps3trp.exe, ps3sys.exe, ps3gen.exe, ps3cmd.exe, and ps3chk.exe in the archive...
Filesize: 5.14 MB
Downloads: 82
Description: Change log (2.51): JB-King released "upgrade V2.51" and solve the PS3 HDD format problem! Date: 2012-04-10 JB-King...
Filesize: 9.23 MB
Downloads: 29
Description: Change log (1.0): 3.55 NFW v2 Features Enabled: Change PUP build / version Patch LV1 hypervisor Allow mapping of...
Filesize: 241.57 KB
Downloads: 15
Description: Change log (4): Current Changelogs: Fullscreen Mode Style Changes Loads wallpaper(PIC0/PIC1) and icon(ICON0/ICON1)...
Filesize: 2.97 MB
Downloads: 39
Description: PkgView is a tool for extracting files from PS3 pkg. Tool is 100% legal it contains no Sony code. PkgView also has a...
Filesize: 95.12 KB
Downloads: 52
Description: This tool dumps your eEID and EID0-EID5 in your USB device from XMB without install Linux or dumping your NAND, extract...
Filesize: 136.11 KB
Downloads: 16
Description: Change log (1.0): 1- Make some icons with a white background, and or whatever background matches the wallpapper with...
Filesize: 549.74 KB
Downloads: 27
Description: Change log (1.0): To quote: To install run the program it will look for the Ps3 Wizard required files... should find...
Filesize: 29.70 KB
Downloads: 27
Description: PSID is your playstation’s unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your...
Filesize: 579.31 KB
Downloads: 25
Description: Change log (2.0): 3.70 Version Spoofer 2.0 3.70 Version Spoofer 2.0 is available for 3.41 and 3.55 firmware and is...
Filesize: 1.12 KB
Downloads: 15
Description: A quick overview of its features: Playback of video and audio Javascript plugins Unified search View photos and images...
Filesize: 6.79 MB
Downloads: 14
Description: Change log (3.3.61): PS3 Showtime Media Player Repack v3.3.061 Changelog: Correctly fix read-after-end-of-file in RAR...
Filesize: 4.26 MB
Downloads: 5
Description: Change log (0.1): This is a first version of something I have put together for the soon closing Scenery Beta 2011...
Filesize: 2.05 MB
Downloads: 8
Description: Operation: Mongoose has a special message for Cobra / TB Team: "That cobra is $%#@$%!!! We roll deep .. do you Max?"...
Filesize: 750.64 KB
Downloads: 12
Description: Change log (04.02.04): Changelog: * Fixed rare issue when launching video files from NTFS and /net_host (when file is...
Filesize: 7.67 MB
Downloads: 13
Description: Change log (1.4): CHANGELOG - Added more return codes - Another new command parser (even better) - Moved IP retrieval...
Filesize: 185.48 KB
Downloads: 11
Description: The features of the plugin? Here it is: PLX Playlists RSS Playlists Flickr XML Video/Processors: If a processor...
Filesize: 242.91 KB
Downloads: 10
Description: Change log (02.09.00): MultiMAN PS3 Backup Manager v02.09.00 Changelog: Improved performance in XMMB display...
Filesize: 1.76 MB
Downloads: 56