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GameCube Game Save Exploits

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Description: So, here we are yet again, with a new exploit ready to try.

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Downloads: 16

Description: I do wonder as to why I did not take a close look at this game after finding an exploit in the original splinter cell...

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Downloads: 17

Description: THIS game, my god it really did not want to work out at all. After days and days of trying all combinations I think I...

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Downloads: 15

Description: Another day, another ubisoft title to break into. While this one relies on some allocated memory to be in the right...

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Downloads: 6

Description: I just finished up the work of the original POC exploit by TuxSH:

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Description: I just finished up the work of the original POC exploit by TuxSH:

Filesize: 2.00 MB


Downloads: 13

Description: so here I am again, after looking at Wind Waker I found a good exploit in it, it will just load a boot.dol from your...

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Downloads: 22

Description: I'm sure some of you remember the original Twilight Hack for Wii, well this is the exact same thing only that it runs...

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Downloads: 11

Description: hey again, today I decided to write something up for this game simply because I've read that both PS2 and Xbox had a...

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Downloads: 28

Description: o this is a weird game code-wise, I really dont know if this will actually work on a real GC or not, I could only test...

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Downloads: 10

Description: his was quite quick wasn't it, here is yet another exploit to try out. Make sure to first read the README of the...

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Downloads: 14