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Nintendo DS Cheat files

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Description: The new version have all pkm archives of unnova (494-649) in shiny

Filesize: 37.82 KB


Downloads: 96

Description: Pokemon Modifer and level modifer in 1! make the master balls equal to the national dex # the level modifer is equal to...

Filesize: 1.61 KB


Downloads: 45

Description: This usrcheat.dat file contains the best and newest cheats available, including Call Of Duty black ops, all 3...

Filesize: 1016.73 KB


Downloads: 28

Description: Usrcheat for Mario Kart DS Wifi codes. 1.1 Fixxed Version.

Filesize: 1.19 MB


Downloads: 42

Description: This Is The TTDS USRCHEAT.dat MADE BY CAMSTA272 THE FILE SIZE IS: 6mb

Filesize: 2.07 MB


Downloads: 27

Description: Action Replay Codes for your R4 bundled up in a usrcheat.dat file. Place this into your _sytstem_ folder in your R4...

Filesize: 586 Bytes


Downloads: 20

Description: The Official Cheat DB...

Filesize: 2.07 MB


Downloads: 16

Description: This cheat file, is an usrcheat.dat but ife you need another kind , just change name to the kind you need. This cheat...

Filesize: 2.06 MB


Downloads: 1

Description: Updated USRCHEAT.DAT With Latest Cheats Every Week! This is the USRCHEAT.DAT updated weekly for each new game(s)...

Filesize: 2.02 MB


Downloads: 18

Description: This is the newest cheat file I have got, it has over 4000 games cheats in it. If you want any pokemon rom please put...

Filesize: 806.57 KB


Downloads: 13

Description: the first confirmed working cheat file for the scds2's sfc emu. format: Option 1=ADDR,VALUE Option...

Filesize: 358 Bytes


Downloads: 0

Description: A Bi-weekly update with all the latest cheats for NDS, includes updates for R4 AKAIO M3 Edge Cyclo and prob a few...

Filesize: 12.21 MB


Downloads: 10

Description: a txt. file for m3 ds real the cheats are for pokemon ranger Guardian Signs (U) Game ID:- B3RE-0A33F3D5 woork...

Filesize: 681 Bytes


Downloads: 11

Description: This cheat.db contains ALL current Black & White cheat codes. If you have any more to add or something is not working...

Filesize: 6.93 KB


Downloads: 172

Description: New Version of Edge Cheat Database

Filesize: 3.03 MB


Downloads: 2

Description: R4DAT compatibility cheats databse, N5, M3, R4, WoodR4, YSMenu. UNENCRYPTED DAT ONLY.

Filesize: 2.41 MB


Downloads: 7

Description: Ok. This usrcheat it's for those who have wood 1.14 in their R4, normally when we open a folder to select the cheats...

Filesize: 3.04 KB


Downloads: 9

Description: A cheat file for EDGE. It has cheats on Pokemon Black and white and other games!

Filesize: 2.90 MB


Downloads: 7

Description: Download from here instead: This official version now contains Pokemon B&W with language...

Filesize: 995.70 KB


Downloads: 4

Description: Very Good Codes For Pokemon White and Black!

Filesize: 1.69 KB


Downloads: 196