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What to do about this JeepPosted:

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Hello everyone, if anyone on TTG is into Jeeps, I'd love to hear from you.
I've been looking at TJs for a while now and have been pretty determined to get one. Now, things have changed a little bit and I've been offered something completely out of this world.

I work in a restaurant in the Silicon Valley, and there are a lot of wealthy people in the area I am from. There is this one regular who is moving out of state, his dad is a multi-millonaire, and he has a lot of classic cars, like an old Chevelle, Camero, Corvette, etc. One of those old, restored cars is a beautiful 1981 CJ. I'm going to look at it on Saturday, but my manager at work says the thing is a beast, and from what I've seen it looks like it.

Here is what he texted me about it this morning.
Soft top, hard top, new winch, metal doors with windows, soft doors, new fuel injected motor, new 5 speed, new 4.2, new extended front and rear diff asst, new front/rear ring/pinion, new 4" lift, brand new(50 miles) 33x12.5x15 tires, new orange paint job, new clutch, and new front/rear bumpers.

He told me he has $25k in the Jeep, and would sell it to me for only $8,000 (and a few free pizzas).
Needless to say, being young, broke, and only having a dream of owning a real Jeep, not my 96 ZJ I am freaking out a little bit.
1. This is way too good to be true, or maybe I'm just lucky as hell.
2. My initial thinking was, getting it so cheap, try to flip it and make some good money from it. Any thoughts on this idea? I am pretty unaware how long this would take and just in general how much I would make off of it.
3. Do I just keep this thing and own a Jeep I've only dreamed of?
For starters...oh god I'm gonna get some crap from this one, I don't know how to drive manual(but I know I could learn if I dedicated myself to it) and I could also make some money and just buy a TJ I've been wanting and have some left over cash.

If anyone has any comments to ease my anxiety or has any knowledge with my concerns, literally anything would be helpful! I really want some feedback.

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I assume it's a CJ7 and not a CJ5, right? It's hard to tell but is it a Renegade? The only way I can tell is the Laredo's have the high back seats and chrome bumpers.

The old CJ7's are worth a bit of money, I'm not sure why to be honest lol. I'm not sure if the lift and mods affect the value at all, but what I do know is that an off roader probably doesn't want that clean / expensive of a Jeep, and the Jeep purist who wants to take it to shows wants it 100% stock. It might be a hard sale. Also from a collectors stand point there was another version of it that had a 5.0 that everyone goes crazy over. I forgot the name of it.

The 5 speed trans is a nice option and it's got the bigger engine for the year (I think the 5.0's were pre 1980) so as equip is a decent Jeep.

I know for some reason these are dumb expensive which I don't get. To me it's the same thing as a TJ. A 4" lift is $500, those tires look like they're General Grabbers which I didn't know were made for a 15" wheel, I know a 33x12.5R18 was like $300/tire though.

It's up to you, if you want a Jeep then go for it. Me personally, I wouldn't spend $8k on a 1981 but I also don't see the collector value. When I buy a vehicle to flip it I look for something that is going to have a lot of potential buyers. A 2010 F450 dually on a 10" lift isn't going to have a lot of buyers. A 2013 F250 stock will have a lot of buyers. A 2001 Toyota Camry will have a lot of buyers, but a 1981 CJ7 might not.
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