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The Knifing Challenge by Jimbo & AmericanMikeyPosted:

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Hello everyone. My friend and I decided to make a YouTube channel for fun and just released our first video. It's meant to make people laugh with our amateur editing and funny moments. We have a ton of video ideas in games like League of Legends, CSGO, Red Dead Online (when it releases) and more BO4. This was actually my first time using any editing software in about 7 years and it took around 7 hours to edit this 2 minute video. We appreciate all feedback that would help us improve our next video.

I appreciate anyone that can watch it and if you liked it maybe sub and like the video? Our goal is only 100 views.

Thank you

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I truly enjoyed the video. honestly :yeet:
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This was alot funnier than I thought it was going to be.

I wouldnt have the music playing in the background though
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Next time you do one of these count me in! I love knifing videos based around COD. Always has the best reactions and it's the best kind of gameplay in my opinion.

The video was really well done and I hope to see more from Jimbo and AmericanMikey
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I knife real good
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