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BO4 Duplication GlitchPosted:

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This glitch will allow you to get any prestige you want as long as you have another account with that rank. So for me I have a master prestige account and my dummy account which is level 1 no prestige. This glitch lets you copy the rank of your main account to a dummy account or to a friends account. There is one problem with this glitch and it's that the stats don't fully transfer. You are able to copy the prestige and level of any account you wish but you can not copy the kills, wins, score, leader boards, etc with this glitch ONLY RANK.

* 2 Friends
* 2 Controller (One For Main Account and One For Account You Want Level Put On)
* 3 Accounts
* Way To Lag Your Internet
* Max Level Account

Visual To Get Rank
1. Quit your game
2. Sign into any account (Can not be the account you want the rank on or the one with the rank)
3. Load up BO4 and click on multiplayer
4. Use your second controller and sign into the account that has the prestige you wish to copy
5. Now with the second controller sign out
6. With second controller again sign into the account you want the rank to be on
7. You should now have a lobby with the random account and the account you want the prestige to be on with it being visually, follow the next steps to make your rank stick

How To Make Rank Stick
1. Have FRIEND 1 go into a multiplayer custom game
2. Have FRIEND 2 go into a zombies custom game
3. Have your random & visual account in a multiplayer custom game
4. Join FRIEND 2 while spamming the A/X button to get the custom game setting up while being in a friends game
5. HARDEST STEP - Have FRIEND 1 invite you to his multiplayer custom game. While you're joining you want to make sure you clicking the down button on the DPAD and lagging your connection. You CANNOT move the joy stick it will mess the glitch up!
6. You should now be in FRIEND 1 multiplayer custom game lobby with a zombies custom game stack
7. Have FRIEND 1 back out of custom games by clicking BRING PARTY
8. You should now be in a multiplayer party lobby with then zombies stack with FRIEND 1
9. Have FRIEND 1 quit their game. You should be in your own lobby now but won't be able to see it since you have zombies stack up
10. You want to turn on your second controller and sign into the account you have the max rank on. It will not bring it into the game since controller 2 already has the account that your wanting to copy in the lobby with the visual.
11. Sign out of the account you want the rank on that is on controller 2
12. On controller 2 you want to switch account to the max rank account that is already signed in
13. Now sign out of the max level account
14. Sign back into the account your wanting the rank on and click A/X
15. Click B/Circle on Controller 1 to get rid of the stack
16. You should now be in a party with the random account and the account you wanted the rank on. If you take a look at your stats they will now be duplicated. Make sure you go and play one game without leaving and then it should be permanent.

Lastly please keep in mind this glitch is very complicated to do because of the stack, if your unable to get the zombies setting in multiplayer that rank won't stick. Other than getting the stack to move from zombies to multiplayer the glitch is fairly easy, just a bit time consuming since you have to keep signing in and out of accounts.

Credit goes to SevenSins they had someone find the glitch first don't know if anyone posted on here yet.
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