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6 Ways To Make EASY Money In Red Dead Redemption 2

6 Ways To Make EASY Money In Red Dead Redemption 2Posted:

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Making some decent cash in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) can seem a bit of a difficult task when first starting out. Running around, looting body after body, just hoping for a $100 bill to be sitting in someone's pocket. Well, money is not going to be an issue after reading this. I'm going to provide you with the 6 BEST ways you can make easy money in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The first way you can make some easy money in Red Dead Redemption 2 is looting. Looting in RDR2 is probably the quickest way to make a quick buck. Although, I will say that it's not massively rewarding. You'll have to loot a lot of bodies to see a considerable difference in your bank account. But, it is always worth doing and over time it will start to add up.

Looting in RDR2 is simple. Kill an enemy, walk over to the body and then press the button that shows on screen to loot.

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Side Quests

If you're really looking to make some easy money in Red Dead Redemption 2, then there's a couple of side quests that you will want to complete. The great thing about these quests is that they are available to you as early as chapter 2, so you won't need to grind your way through the game in order to unlock them.

For both of these quests, you'll be required to embark on a treasure hunt. The first quest "Poisonous Trail" will first send you in search of 3 maps, which will all then contribute to finding the hidden treasure. While the second quest will involve visiting a cave, some counting and some sketching. But we'll get into that.

The Poisonous Trail - $2,000

1st Map Location: The first map will be located underneath the bed seen at Cair Lake Lodge, which is North of the map in the Ambarino region.

2nd Map Location: The second map will be located in the Lemoyne Region. If you look for the town of Scarlett and then in between the letters 'R' and 'L' will be a little place called Face Rock. Look for a tree trunk and that's where you'll find your second map.

3rd Map Location: The third map location will be found in the centre of a stone formation just left from Van Horn Trading. It will look like a snake on the map so that's what you'll need to look out for.

Hidden Treasure: Finally, the hidden treasure will be located inside a cave at Elysian Pool. From here, I would certainly recommend watching the below video as it's super easy to get lost when in this cave.

Here's the video guide (credit to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

The Statue Cave -$1,500

Cave Location: The cave is located very far north of the map towards the Ambarino region. If you set your waypoint just below the 'I' in the word Ambarino, you will eventually find a rocky hillside that has an entrance to a cave.

Once in the cave, you will discover a few statues standing in a circle. If you inspect the statue in the middle, you will pull out a sketchbook. In that sketchbook, you will need to draw the statues (it's easier than it sounds). Then on each statue surrounding the middle will be a button. These buttons will need to be pressed, but please watch the below video to see the order in which to press them.

Once all of the buttons have been pressed in the correct order, you can then turn back to the middle statue and collect your gold bars!

FYI, if you manage to enter the wrong combination of buttons then you can go behind the statue and select a reset button.

Here's the video guide (credit to [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Hunting and Selling

Hunting is something that, if like me, will just end up happening anyway. It's a common occurrence for me to riding along on my horse and hunting animals at the same time. If you see an animal you fancy hunting, then pull your weapon of choice out and hunt it down. Once you have killed the animal, you will then want to approach the carcass and select the option to skin it. You should now have the animal pelt in your hand so you'll want to go over to your horse and store it on there.

There are a couple of things you can choose to do with any animal pelts you pick up. If you're looking to make some money, then you will want to locate a 'Trapper' and sell the animal pelt to them. If you want to make some real money from selling animal pelts then you want to get the legendary animal pelts.

The next option would be to donate the animal pelt to your camp. While this may seem the more noble choice, it certainly isn't going to be making an impact on your funds.


Completing bounties is a nice way of earning some extra cash, but they aren't available right away. You'll need to get at least 5 hours of gameplay in before these will become available. When bounties are available, they will display on the map as a 'Bounty Poster' and will typically be located inside a sheriff's office.

All you need to do is go to the poster, see what is required of you and if the reward seems worth it then you can go and complete the bounty. Another bonus to completing bounties is that it will only contribute to your honour level. So, if you've been up to some bad things then completing bounties could be a good way to set things straight again.

Play The Story

How about just playing the game? Working your way through the RDR2 story will not only be an enjoyable experience, but you'll also earn a considerable amount of cash. Yeah it's not the quickest method, but you were going to play the story anyway, right? My recommendation would be to play through the story whilst completing the other money making methods mentioned on this page. Things such as looting, hunting, completing bounties and side quests are all things you can do on the way to the completion of this game.


Gambling is another method of making some money in this game. Although, it's also another method of losing a lot of money, so gamble responsibly guys. Even though you're not dealing in real money, it's still very easy to walk in $500 strong and walk out with barely a cent to your name. While there is, of course, the opportunity to make some good cash here, I would recommend only using it as a past time, or for a bit of fun. You might win the first time, but there's saying you'll win the next time around.

Gambling is again something you will definitely come across when completing the story as one of the quests requires to take part in a game of poker. Poker is not something that a lot of people are familiar with, so I've added a video below to help guide you through it.

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Thanks for reading guys! If you want to see more stuff like this please let me know. I'll happily get this kind of stuff out regularly if I can see people are interested.

FYI, this content is also on posted on my website: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

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