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Not enjoying anime the way I used toPosted:

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Anyone else get into a slump about anime? I was really into it for a few years and now it has slowed down for me a bit. I don't think I'm outgrowing it because whenever I watch with my friend I enjoy the stories/art. I just cant seem to find the desire to start a series myself.

Maybe I need more recommendations or more member interest to want to talk about it more. When prefixes were first launched in 5.1, I wanted to be a big part of the Anime prefix. What do you guys want to have happen in this section that make the MAL forums/anime subreddits poppin? Im trying to get more into it!

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this might be good way to break the slump is by re-watching one of your favorites , but has for recommendation try these 1. Busou Renkin , 2. 3-gatsu no lion, 3. desert punk.
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You probably need to expand the genres you watch since they all can't be romcoms
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Yeh i feel you however i took like a month break and when i came back i just started to watch them again and enjoyed it. If this doesn't work you though i would recommend going back and rewatch your favourites, you could also start to read manga and novels if you haven't already. Also i am going to say do not force yourself to watch it, this is just going to cause you not to enjoy it even more.

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I do get in slumps sometimes but I always come back to anime mostly its because I watch too much Eg One Piece.If I dont feel like watching alot for a while ill watch the weekly airing anime and then I get back to it.Also doesnt help if you watch the same Genre Got to keep it fresh so if you watched a Shounen then watch a SoL to keep things fresh.For a show I recommend Re;Zero
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I would suggest watching something you have already watched, maybe one of your top 5 animes. This might get you back in your groove.
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The problem is the quality of anime has dropped tremendously the past 5 years. I think this is due to the massive influx in popularity anime has gained. There have been some diamonds in the rough like Re:Zero and Overlord but most anime nowadays is mainstream trash that appeals to younger guys that want big boobies rather than a good story.
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