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Important lesson when selling your car!Posted:

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Hey guys, some of you may know I bought a newer truck so now I'm selling my old one. I have a detailed ad with tons of pictures and listed everything on the truck along with the price of $15k which is $200 under KBB value. When selling a vehicle I learned to play dumb because if they feel smarter than you and talk you down a couple hundred they are more likely to buy than if they feel dumb.

Anyway, I told the guy the story on the truck as far as why I bought it and why I'm selling with it, a couple things wrong with it and what's been done to it. I always throw out why the price is what it is and I NEVER mention KBB. I always stick to what comparable trucks are so I'm explaining that this specific trim is hard to find and there's only 2 for sale with it so I went with the next trim level down to get one with the same year and roughly the same mileage and priced it in with the few that I found. Again I do this to play dumb, being a young guy too they don't expect me to know any better.

This guy is telling me he has to finance it and the bank will only finance the KBB value (mostly true). He then said he KBB'd it and it came out to $11k. I said KBB doesn't account for 75% of the stuff on the truck which is another few grand but all these other people wouldn't be that much over KBB value on an old truck so something isn't right. I told him let's go through it together and he gets out of the truck to come to my side and he said his phone doesn't have service here and is showing me the page won't load. I looked at his bars and he put it on airplane mode. Instead of calling him out I did it on my phone. I said this is what you did and here's why the value is different.

KBB has 2 options, you put in the year make model and trim level, then you can put in your own options or let KBB put in their options. This truck has 3 engine options and KBB does the lowest possible options. The small gas engine (when this has the diesel), 2wd (when it's 4x4), no sun roof (it has one), etc. etc. He literally said he couldn't afford it and walked away.

The lesson to be learned here is do your own research. Had I have been in a hurry to sell the truck and not have done my research on the value I might've been the guy to say I did something wrong and take his lowball offer.

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Interesting that people go to look at a car then try to use a companies prices to low ball you. Maybe would work better at a dealer but I have never heard anyone doing that in Australia.

Obviously some people sell things a bit more expensive than they should but when people say "oh I saw someone selling it for X" you just gotta laugh. Go buy that one then.

The redbook value (australians version of KBB) is pretty much soley used for insurance purposes when you car has been wrecked.

It is common to finance second hand cars in the USA? especially for like specifics. In Australia you just ask for X amount of money and you are free to spend it how ever.
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Sounds about right, when I KBB my Jeep it's automatically No 4x4, 2.5L instead of 4.0L. etc
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