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Any tips for BO4?Posted:

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Man oh man, I suck really bad at BO4 and all I can do is turn on my Xbox, play two games and then rage quit.

I've always been a Hardcore Search & Destroy player but I'll play any hardcore mode... Any tips? For real. I actually want to be a COD player again.
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Use LMGS on Hardcore dom mate, A Great gamemode, it was the first gamemode I played on BO4
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Tip: Don't Suck
Tip 2: Don't camp in a corner
Tip 3: start with core, get use to the weapons hardcore is difficult because kids run armor & sweat alot in actual SnD games.

I'd recommend you try each weapon finding what works for you, no matter what personally I'd always run Dead Silence & for hardcore armor or anything that will give you some what of an advantage over others.

personally for me when I run hardcore, I run the ICR or Titan.
but then again every gun is amazing in Hardcore.
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Also if you play core to start with then you can check the mini map learn the spawns then just jump into hardcore, also sound whoring is key
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I usually watch a lot of YouTubers, learning what guns to use & perks! I usually look up class set ups & just watch how my favorite YouTuber's play
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Dont camp.
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Do not play Core, has too much health. I would start playing hardcore and don't rush and play strategic
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If you're a solo player try out mercenary hardcore moshpit. I've been playing it the last couple hours and it's much more enjoyable than solo queuing against teams.
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