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Need Help with Tv settings etc...Posted:

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Hey, can someone give me some advice about gaming on a tv, I play xbox and im not sure if the size of the tv determines what fps you get etc, also what are the best settings to use on tv to gain the best gameplay, Thanks:)))
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The size of the tv doesn't affect fps, but it would help if you have us the tv model. You can usually just run it on default setting and it's good to go.
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What TV do you have mate?
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lol the one s one x and ps4(original) slim and pro does 1080 only(x and pro does checkerboarding 4k) but yeah consoles wont have fps drops unless you plan to play pc games on it then it will be depending on the pc parts you have as higher res=more taxing on the hardware, but if you only console game you dont need to worry about fps drops as everyone knows when a game is dropping fps on console its because the console cant handle the processing, so a good 1080p tv should be fine make sure its a good tv or else youll want a monitor with 1ms response time, if your tv has game mode use it and if you can change the colors to how you like the preset colors on any tv sucks big time, nothing else to do with a tv besides using game mode if it has and if the tv has a good refresh rate(1 ms or 5 ms anything over this will hinder your gameplay) but again only things to change is the color ie brightness saturation(imo is good if your tv's color is too bland/washed out) and contrast imo, thats all you need to know.

if it seems like i said things twice sorry but some people just dont understand north american english well enough to be able to make sense of walls of text thats english.
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Invest in a monitor, much better for gaming!
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