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7 years on TheTechGamePosted:

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Hello everyone, I usually go by the alias Sk0rn or Unbound 7s but I have been on TTG for the longest as I remember. I started back when MW & MW2 was in the prime of modding. Sadly those days are no more and the mod scene hasn't been the same since then but there's always new oppurtunities to explore in the world of modding! Just wanted to say it has been a long journey on TTG for the seven years I have been here and getting to meet all the interesting people.

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Welcome back and Congrats on 7 Years
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Coming up on 8 years now! Great to see you still coming back to TTG
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I'm glad to see older members are still hanging around. Congrats on 7 years! See you at 8
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welcome back man
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Well done on the seven years! Nice to see you're still around.
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Welcome back to the site mate, and congratulations on 7 years soon to be 8.
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