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What is something you wish you could do and not be judged?Posted:

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Yo lets keep it real here.

What is something you wish you could do but are afraid of your parents/siblings/friends/community judging you?

Something I've always wanted to get into was photography. I am afraid to ask friends if I can take pictures of them or if they can take pictures of me.

Troll posts like "I wish I could eat people" will be deleted.

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A few of my friends go to anime conventions. I hear a bunch of stories about how they love them, and how there is a bunch of crazy stuff that happens at these cons.

I want to go to one, but I do not want to be known as that guy who "goes to anime conventions".
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Make YouTube videos and Livestream.
I feel like I can't make a good video or have a good stream because of all the background noise and don't want to explain the situation because it'll sound childish and pretty stupid.
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Being a producer as a fulltime gig and making music every day has been a dream of mine for a while, as I already make money off of it. Being judged by your parents though is something that can be very hard, especially when you have a good relationship with them. They don't believe that this is an "official career" for me, and believe I need to get a working-class job and work my way up the ranks as a "productive member of society."

It's hard to open a parents mind, as they really do think they know anything and everything about the world, and just want their kids to make the right decisions for themselves. I can understand where they are coming from looking at the backgrounds that they came from, but just sucks sometimes and hopefully, I'll be able to get through it.

Nice to have a genuine post like this btw
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I wish i could talk to my mother about my depression, I try to avoid it as much as possible but i don't want to end up in one of her books when she runs out of ideas. My family is a bunch of gossipers. Anything you say you can guarantee it will be brung up next time you see them.
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Start a YouTube channel and put 100% into it
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everyones always barking down my throat about it.
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I wish I could put pineapple on pizza but everyone has something to say about that...
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it'd be becoming a streamer for me personally.

i'd love to do it, but I'm not good, or funny. i'd also get a load of shit from my friends too, which I just can't be bothered with tbh.
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I could not care less if people judge me for anything i do, if they do, so be it.
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