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A Farewell from TTGPosted:

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Whatsup guys, I'm not too sure on how to start this but I'm announcing that I will finally be leaving TTG. Been on here for a while now, and thats mainly the problem. I met a lot of cool people on here, and I really appreciate that. But with meeting people on here, I've found that I've been starting to distance myself from people I like and it's been taking a hit on me IRL.
When I first came to TTG I came here to find people to talk to as I'm not the best with communicating with others, IRL. I've sort of been using this place to fill a void and I've realized that its been detrimental in my personal life. With that I've been holding myself back a lot. This is the mean reason as to why I'm leaving, nothing against any members, as I love everyone in the ShoutBox, no matter how many things I've said to you guys that seemed rude or hurtful. I truly hope that no one takes this the wrong way and makes it seem as if this is a call for help, because it isn't. I will be scrambling my password to this account at 12 am November 1st , meaning I will no longer have access to it. If you need anything from me I will still have my discord, though I am still debating on if I want to keep that or not.

Thanks for everything, you guys truly do mean more to me thank you think.
With care, witty.

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Take it easy man hopefully you do come back take care!
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Best of luck to you. 99.9% of these topics result in the user coming back in 3 days so...
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See you next week
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Dude, I thought you were banned?
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Will miss you

not really dont come back
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