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License suspension questionPosted:

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does anyone have an experience with having theyre license suspened? well I have and i have a question for you.

on may 8th 2018 i had my license suspended for 6 months for a 125 mph speeding ticket im curious on which day ill be able to get my license back and what the steps are for doing it?
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If your license suspension is up, you're able to have it renewed anytime you want. Just head down to your shop where you had your car licensed and they'll get you a new drivers license right away. First, they'll give you a temporary license as they won't have the plastic card ready ASAP. you'll have that paper license for maybe a week until your new one comes in the mail. ( May different in states or countries )

Be sure to do all these before going there.

  • pay any outstanding fines.
  • complete any court processes/court-ordered programs needed to clear the suspension.
  • gather any documents that state that the suspension has been lifted (e.g., a Notice of Suspension letter, a medical letter, an affidavit).
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my license was suspended for a drug charge for 6 months. it sucks man.

In order to get your license back you have to visit DMV and pay a reinstatement fee which can range from $45 - $300. They will let you know. If the court did not grant you restricted driving privileges then you will have retake the exams and pass them to have a new license re-issued.

If you visit your states DMV page you will see a page called 'Compliance Summary Request' and that will tell you everything including the day your suspension is up and how much your fees will be.

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Just dont be driving foolish next time m8 its not worth.
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If I can ask, what kind of car we're you driving
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Depends per state. You can start driving the same day the suspension ends or the next day i believe it depends. Just make sure you paid your restoration fee and your good to go.
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My license was suspended in 2016 in Oklahoma for a failure to appear on a court date that was never in session, despite saying I would not have to be in court that day. The steps in Oklahoma I took were:
Setting up a pay plan for the ticket, obviously lol
Setting a new date and finishing court
Having to attend driving classes, which just costed more money.

After I got the hold removed and the fines taken care of, it was as simple as going to the DMV and paying the $25 for a new license. Good luck, bud
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Depends on your state and it's legal process. Visiting your local DMV will be more advantages then this forum.
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