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7k Posts - MazePosted:

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Hit 7k the other day, pretty cool, but I'm more focused on the big 10k!

See you guys at the next milestone, hopefully it will be bigger and warrant a better topic.

tastycereal and nick are cute as hell damn

The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to Maze For This Useful Post:

Xbox (10-27-2018), Sag (10-26-2018), Mikey (10-26-2018), Tom (10-25-2018), Loke (10-25-2018)
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Well done on 7k posts, pretty soon you will be closing in on that allusive 10k!
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Congrats bro on 7k posts!
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congrats bro, I will soon be hitting 3k posts I can not wait!
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Congrats man
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Congrats on 7k posts man !
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Awesome Milestone! Keep it going!
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Keep at it mate, you be at 10k in no time.

One day I wanna see you up there with the OG spammers fam
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Congrats on 7k man! Keep grinding
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Grats on 7,000 posts.
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