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What's your plans for Halloween night?Posted:

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I will have a busy day, as I start work at 7pm to start with. Keep in mind I would have only finished my night shift that day 7am lol so basically going to be up all day. Me, missus and the little one will all get dressed up and head out to go Trick Or Treating. My missus has the idea to take the car? So I guess we going to be driving to every house? No clue, and best not to ask why hahaha. Should be fun though as I missed last years Halloween, so gonna make this one fun for my little girl, and me haha.

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What's your plans guys?

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i will be sitting home alone in the dark playing with my spider maybe watch a movie with him :3
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If I don't work this Halloween I probably will go out with my partner for some food and than watch Halloween movies all night lol
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22 years old and I'm gonna go cop me a fat bag of candy
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Unfortunately I will be at work. Although I have Wednesdays off my boss told us at the beginning of the month everyone is to be in on that day.
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I believe the lady and I are going to a party, if not we'll just go drink somewhere.
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just had my halloween party last Saturday in Southampton at a music festival.
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Plan on going to a Halloween party
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Taking my son out to Trick or Treat for the first time
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College tour mid day then a party
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