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12k but 8k is from RIGGED fairy | Top 5 PosterPosted:

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I had around 4300 rep before all the chaos started in the Shoutbox. Few weeks later I'm at a whopping 12k lol. Never in my life did I think I would of hit 12k. I mean, I guess I would of hit 10k eventually, but still. As it stands I'm still on the top 5 rep leaderboards so yeah, mission accomplished I guess. Would like to thank everyone once again for all the gifts you have done in the Shoutbox the last few weeks.

Also managed to get my top 5 spot back again, as last time I had it for about an hour before I lost it, due to staff deleting 500 of my shit posts. They have every right to do what they did, but as my man Katsumi wanted a race to top 5, I gave him a race lol. But honestly now, I don't wanna do it no more, it just makes me look like a shit member spamming useless shit, and waste staffs time. So I'm going to continue my long ass journey to 30k posts, but I'm just gonna post on what I like now.

Sean, please make Toms 30k badge mock up a thing.

See you guys at 20k I guess.

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Congrats on 12,000 reputation, here's a cookie for that one.
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Congrats on Top 5 Poster and that cool looking name. Here's another cookie for that one.
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Congrats on being the biggest nerd on TheTechGame, here's your third and final cookie.
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wow congratulations you sure do help the site a lot and i am sure most of the people here enjoy having you around good job on all your success and good luck on the rest of your milestones
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Grats on being gay
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Congrats on the huge spam you silly willy.
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Congrats, you gonna share those cookies nick gave you?
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Congrats homie. Good to see you doing all this work man. I hope I can achieve a 1/3 of what you have one day.
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Congrats bro, That is a big accomplishment, I can not wait for 3k I want it so badly.
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Congrats on making it back to top 5 Mikey!
Lets see how long you keep it this time....
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Nice RAINBOW name, looks nice on ya.

Have fun trying to keep it!
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