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Chxsen | +100 postsPosted:

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Hey guys, i just reached 100 posts and attained the "Challenger" title. I'm kind of proud, i usually dont have that much to say lol. Ill be back soon for my 2k reputation milestone

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Xbox (10-27-2018), 40 (10-24-2018), Cardz (10-24-2018), GBC (10-24-2018), Mikey (10-23-2018), Allergies (10-23-2018)
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Congrats! Here's some rep to help you get to 2k
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Congratulations on the 100 posts mate, keep up the grind fam.
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Congrats bub. See ya at 500. Every 100 isn't a milestone. That's spamming the forums.
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Grats man 200 will come soon enough
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are you a dodge challenger?
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1,000 was my most difficult achievement so I feels.

Congratulations my man, onwards and upwards
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Congrats on 100 posts my dude, hope to see you active around the forums and for your posts to keep going up
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Congratulations on 100 posts man
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Congrats bro on a 100 posts!
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