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Does anyone like the sound of rain ?Posted:

  • Winter 2018
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Anyone like or enjoy the sound of rain ?
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I do when im trying to sleep lol.
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I like the sound of rain when I'm sleeping and it's hitting off the ground, windows, roof etc. It really relaxes me and helps me sleep. Also, I sometimes put on white noise videos to help me chill, throughout the day.
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Yes, it's chill. I don't like it too much pouring down on me though.
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Can be annoying sometimes but doesn't bother me most of the time
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yeah it's relaxing.
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I love it, especially when I'm falling asleep.
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I love it when I go to bed lol, always have the window open even if it's cold.
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It helps me sleep if I can't fall asleep
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I love to take walks in the rain just something about the smell and noise that calms me
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