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I Am An Awesome MemberPosted:

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Honestly I think this is the best badge to have on 2009-2018, The Tech Game, Ltd as it shows I am a great member and a role model. I know I said 1k gifts was my biggest milestone, thats because I never thought I would of got the Rated Awesome badge. Some of you may or may not know how much this means to me, but seriously I means a hella lot to me.

Every member on 2009-2018, The Tech Game, Ltd is awesome in my eyes.

Milestones left to do

The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to Mikey For This Useful Post:

Adolfin (10-17-2018), Cardz (10-17-2018), Whom (10-17-2018), Allergies (10-17-2018), Kanna (10-17-2018), Zexy (10-17-2018), XC (10-16-2018), r0cketz (10-16-2018), Poke (10-16-2018), Hero (10-16-2018), James (10-16-2018), Zesri (10-16-2018), SIM0N (10-16-2018), DeadLizard (10-16-2018), Craig (10-16-2018)
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Congrats Mikey. I know it's been a long time coming for you...

Now go get 2k...
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Congrats ya big goof

Stay golden
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yeah man it started off pretty rare then now days it seems like its nearly impossible to get. So well done to you, you deserved it for being awesome.

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Grats on the badge and well deserved.
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Now I know how many gifts it costs for rated awesome, way too expensive.

Congrats on being rated awesome mikey! That is absolutely insane and I'll always be jealous!
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Wow ok mortar
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Congrats on awesome, well deserved Mikey
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Congrats Mikey!! You are awesome so you deserve it. Thanks for all that you do for the community.
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dang this is a dream badge for sure congrat
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