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What's your favorite piece of softwarePosted:

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Can be anything! Game client, antivirus, video production, animation, anything!

Mine has to be photoshop (been working with it for nearly 6 years now), or after effects.
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I love photoshop, I'm fairly new to it, but I've been loving it lately.
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I love Photoshop, Discord, Fortnite lol
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I use Unity & blender everyday and occasional photoshop when I need art work but even if you don't know what your doing unity is always fun to play around with, I self thought myself to use it with YouTube videos and online courses as I couldn't go back to college to do game development
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Mine has to be Steam considering I play a lot of games.
Productivity-wise, I get a lot of use out of ShareX which is a screencap/image editing tool. (Got to make those spicy gifs)
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Photoshop CC...

Even when I have no work to do on there, I still use it.
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Microsoft Visual Studio

I like learning how to make computers do things.
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