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New intel i9 9900k Processor. The New Best Gaming CPU.Posted:

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What do you guys think about the announcement of this new line of desktop cpus?

I think its great. Just wish it had 10+ cores at 5ghz.

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it looks crazy!
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IMO it isn't all that great for the price/performance. Their 50% more performance claims got smashed when they properly tested the 2700x against it.
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"Best gaming cpu" lol no. Phenomenal gaming cpu? Yeah, but not the best. Personally I like the fact it stuck with 8 cores 16 threads. Windows 10 on X399 boards supports quad channel ram, so a maximum of 16 logical cores can be utilized. An example of "too many cores = potentially bad" is the new ThreadRipper 2990WX, it's got 32 cores, but because of Windows 10 supporting quad channel ram, only half of the CPUs cores are connected to the ram and the performance of the CPU is almost cut in half. Of course running Linux gets rid of that memory bandwidth limitation and improves the performance significantly, but how many of those games you're wanting to play are supported by Linux?

In all honesty, the 9900k is still super overkill for just gaming, and some games (i.e. borderlands) only utilize two cores at a time. A 7700k (only slightly more than HALF THE COST) would be enough CPU power to hold you over for the next decade of gaming development
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Definitely overkill. Even my overclocked to 5.1ghz i7 8086k is somewhat overkill. This thing is an absolute beast and works well with my GTX 1080 when rendering videos or when gaming.
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Throwback to when i7 was top of the line. I'm tentative to invest in a power processor because they outdate so quick.
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