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Free Credits | FH4Posted:

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If you need some help with credits, let me know, and I'll buy out some cars.

The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to TS For This Useful Post:

Steeen (10-08-2018), --YMCMB-- (10-07-2018), Kisses (10-07-2018)
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I am in need of some!
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Ill take some tomorrow buddy thanks
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Could you please help me? zChicago Bullsz
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broke asf if you can help thats be sick GT: Eerify
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If its for free, then count me inn.
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I'm desperately in need after my brother spent all my credits on useless cars..

Gamertag: Howard 23
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I expect a private message by the end of the day mr Tidy.
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If you could help me out it would be appreciated
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I have listed a Ferrari 250 California for 8.8million and a Ferrari 166MM Barchetta for 7.15million

My Gamertag is Alex SNKR, could you please buy them out?

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