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What a great day to have this happen. Spencer gets two thousand rep, TastyCereal gets 900 rep, and wittycalf47 gets 700 rep.

But the only downside about all of this is how Cent is still a Moderator. That's gotta change. Kick him out already.

But if you couldn't tell from the title, I have wasted enough of my time in the shoutbox and have been visited by Mortar 50 times now.

So thank you Mortar for being a quality guy.

So, as always, Thank you Spencer, TastyCereal, and go bears.

I still love you Tom

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Lmfao congrats on your new badge brother, i'll see you in the SB!
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Congrats, nicky.

Auto Refresh.
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Congratulations on that dank badge man, lovely to see you always hella active in the sb mate, well deserved badge.
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Well done at least it actually added for you I didn't even get the fairy count or rep.
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Congratulations man!
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Congrats on the new badge Nick
Proud of u
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You're a beast
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Grats bud, be there myself soon with a bit of luck.
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