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Umbrella for this seasons winPosted:

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The umbrella for this season win

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The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to kamilca For This Useful Post:

Arkani (09-28-2018), Mikey (09-28-2018)
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I have it but i know Owen doesnt have it
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The best one so far, all previous ones are ass.
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That's pretty cool, i'll get it when I go on it
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Love it
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Got it after a few games its super dope IMO
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Got it on my first game of the season, always feels good.
I really like this one, probably will use this until the last one in the battle pass is unlocked
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thats dope, the umbrellas never fail to impress me
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That's a nice one you got there bro.
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2nd favorite umbrella behind the snowflake one lol
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