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I didn't even realize it until now! Thanks for everyone and I wish I could be more active on the Site but got a lot going on right now, just want to say thanks to everyone for the support on here and all the wonderful people <3 no homo though... u thought you caught me slackin ha

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Blumify (09-29-2018), Xbox (09-29-2018), Mikey (09-28-2018), oHusky (09-28-2018), Alias (09-28-2018), Petite (09-28-2018)
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Congrats on 2 years man! Hope to see you around for a long time
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Congrats on 2 years man, that is awesome!
Make sure to stay active for year 3!
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Congratulations on two years.
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Thats awesome dude! Hope you stay around longer
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Congrats on 2 years! Hope to see you a 3
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Congrats brother! Ill see ya around.
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Congrats on 2 years! See you at 3
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Congrats on reaching 2 year member dude.
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