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Favourite Musician/Band?Posted:

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Favourite Band - Imagine Dragons
Favourite Singer(s) - Eminem, Tom Walker & Post Malone.

Who are your favourites?
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favorite singer is definitely logic
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I've recently been taking a break from my usual hip hop listening and have been listening to more rock.

I'd have to say, Aerosmith, tragically hip, arkells are currently at the top of my list.
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xel4s wrotefavorite singer is definitely logic

logic is the shit, just saw him, kyle, and nf in philly a few months back
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Pantera is my favourite band, and my favourite singer would have to be R Kelly.
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I answered this when someone asked it in the music forum
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My favourite band is Metallica cuz yea.
And my favorite singer has to be Eminem! Honestly hard to chose which singer to chose but I decided on going with Eminem cause that's pretty much I listen to on my tunes same goes with Metallica
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