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Xbox or PS?, Or even PC?Posted:

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There's always like conspiracy going on that Xbox or Playstation or even PC is better so how many of you on here prefer one of the three? Is it Xbox PlayStation systems or PC.

We have a Xbox One X and that is what we prefer to use but we also have a PlayStation 4 and a PC.

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I prefer Xbox, I have all 3 but I like how the ps4 has no tax since its 13% here and a game would be 79.99 instead of the 93 after tax.

I think they all got pros but it all comes down to user preference.
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Being an ex PS player, I prefer the Xbox platform more. Much more smoother, faster download times, I could go on and on lol.
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I have all 3 and I believe PC is superior to both but Playstation is better for gaming than Xbox IMO
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I own all three devices, and honestly I enjoy using my xbox the most.
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I have a PC and Xbox one, but I gave away my ps4 awhile go so I don't know if stuff has changed but I never liked ps4 hinting why I gave it away. I don't really play as much as I would like, so I don't really have a good answer from pc or Xbox.
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I have a PS4 and a PC but I hardly ever play them anymore unless something interesting game comes up, I someone's play NHL on my ps4 but hardly ever online anymore. And on my PC I just mainly use it for website developing or coding.
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Mostly use Xbox for the weekdays and PC on weekends. And the PS4 for the exclusives.
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i have an xbox one and a pc, i cant really choose between them though
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