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if you had to pick one era to live in, which would it be? it can go back as far as you want, or even in the future!

if i had to chose, it'd probably pick the gladiator era just because im fascinated in the whole, you could do whatever you wanted with hardly any law getting involved.

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70's or 80's in somewhere like new york, dont know why but would of liked to see like italian american gangsters back then, in there suits, the real deal
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I'd love to live in London in the year 3000 lol.
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Whatever time period has evolved from racism and people hell-bent on hurting others. (Which includes even capital punishment.)
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The 60s
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England in the late 1800s. I'm from America btw lol I just loved how England conquered everything back in those days and I'd love to see it!
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the caveman era so i dont have to worry about personal hygiene
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I wish I could live in Florida !
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For me it would have to be the days of the creations of the Pyramids, I mean imagine people making those pyramids and witnessing it in front of you
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i want to go back to jurassic period to see all the dinosaurs
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