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Your Best Memory As A Kid!Posted:

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Alright, I'm intrigued to find out what people's best memories are of them as a kid, they can be bad ones too!

Alright let's here them!

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Zexy (09-21-2018)
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Doin the nasty nasty for the first time (one hand wipeout)
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Being the plug in elementary school.

I had all the snacks.
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My favourite memory would have to be my first snog, in the cloakroom in primary school lol.
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stupid shit with friends ie fireworks crackers ect
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spongebob dora blue clues the kyu dude and uhm wait i remember uhm teen titans wait i forgot i still watch all those Y idk LONG TIME
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Mine was just having no worries and be able to do what I wanted lmao
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Primary school, I know most people would say I'm crazy but I loved school when I was a kid
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Riding my bike to my friends house to knock on their door to ask to hangout. Before I had a phone and when life was simple lol
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Just going out and not having to worry about anything, no responsibilities, just good times with friends.
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