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My First Girlfriend is a Gal Review.Posted:

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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem type girls.

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So, I was on Youtube one day and found this released commercial of this from Crunchyroll It was relatively short anime with only 12 Eps only. So I checked out the trailer and thought it was interesting and thought I'd give it a try and frankly it was Interesting BUT OK.

There is a lack of focus on main characters. And this anime opens up with a young high school boy who I would say is 14 or 15 Junichi Hashiba and him and his friends are virgins and they just want to lose their virginity. It shows how much Junichi is a creeper and a bit of a loser. So out of a dare he asks out Yukana Yume. The anime unrolls more with interesting backstories for the characters. And you also see Junichi and Yukana relationship actually develop. The following EPs follows different events that happen and you see more of the characters added in. Like for example Junichi and Yukana go on their first date and they do karaoke together. There's just not enough consistency with the story every EPS skips and goes onto something else. While I was happy to see the character change from where they started, they never stopped changing. The emotional depth of them was never developed, and yet you're still expected to root for their relationship to which character you think their going for. I wanted it to be deep and shallow, and every time it broke from one or the other it made it more glaring how inconsistent it was getting each time. Each girl was trying to win Junichi or Yame's love, it was fun to watch as they giggle and laugh. And even some of the main characters have so few conversations together that actually it was just to short.
If you like female characters who all ended up falling for the main character along with funny comedy moments then maybe give this a try.

Art- 8 you can tell they spend a lot of money on the characters.
Overall rating I'd say is a 4/10
Creator: Meguru Ueno
Director: Hiroyuki Furukawa
Writer: Yichir Momose
Studio: Naz Studio

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