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100 Rep/Cheese BlockPosted:

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Well I did it after 4 years. I have taken a long break about in April To September due to health issues I was at 33 Rep.

Not even 1 month back I got 67 rep. May not seem like a lot after 4 years but glad I finally got the milestone.

Thanks List

Everyone In SB!

If I missed anyone I'm sorry.

See you guys at 200!

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Nice to see I made the thanks list. Congrats on your milestone and see you at 200
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Congrats man! Super jealous of that cheese block now...
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Congratulations on the 100 rep mate, see you at 200 soon.
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congrats on 100 rep bro, see you at 200
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Congrats man keep it up!
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Congrats on your milestone man!
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Congrats mate, I knew you'd be here soon!
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good job man always fun to talk to u in the sb
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Congats bro on the 1st cheese blocko ,
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