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1 Month Gold Member GiveawayPosted:

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Just comment below to enter and what you like about ttg.

Will be choosing 1 or 2 winners tomorrow night so go ahead and enter while you can!

Going to be doing these once a month from now on so if you don't win the first time you will always have the chance to enter again next month!

First Months Winners:

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ill enter
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Ill enter bro, thanks so much.
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I'll enter thanks for the giveaway.
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Ill enter, thanks for the chance bub!
Good luck to all who enter!

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helpful shi on ttg my guy
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count me in, thanks for the giveaway
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Count me in broski
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I'll enter this.

I also like TTG to keep myself up to date with things and also the community as a whole.
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I'll enter.
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