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Clevland BrownsPosted:

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Whats up guys , just seeing if there are any other browns in here and if so lets talk browns
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dont even get me started lmao
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I'm a Pittsburgh fan
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Oh god Sunday game was funny as shit!
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Have they signed a semi-competent kicker yet?

That is literally the difference between 0-1-1 and 2-0.
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Really only interested in them because my boy Baker is on the team
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They look exciting, and the losses they've received this year aren't bad ones. Mainly the kickers fault. I am excited for this team in the future because they have a young team, lots of talent and I think they're going to go far.. If not this year the next couple for sure.
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Chargers fan, forget the browns
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I live in Oklahoma so baker is a big talk of the town. Running game has been a good one this year with hyde and chubbs along with landry.
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I'm hoping the browns start go turn around. It's amqzing how it feels when the browns have a chance to win. I'm a pats fan. It seems like a lot of my friends are rooting for the browns too. I hope they do well because mayfield deserves to be on a winning team!
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