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Dont come at a girl with a sole interest of wanting to like her romantically. Just be laid back and know more about her and her interests like art or her favorite TV show?

If she doesn't pay too much mind into you then I suggest you should just leave it where it is and just continue into someone else that's easier for you to talk to.
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Another tip is to not listen to Loke because all his tips are for 3D girls
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I write with a lot of girls via instagram. I like some pictures and write her.

I ask her "Do we know each other?"
Normally they say no.

When she reply's to you, you know that she want to write.

Then I start with Smalltalk :p
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Loke wroteok so here's what you do just walk up to her and say

That's a nice smile. It'd look better if it was all you were wearing!

then u hit her with the

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Leaked photo of her after my steps

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I can vouch for this. Thanks Loke!!!

But in all seriousness, girls aren't the devil (well they are eventually) but once you're getting to know them it's cool. Find out a bit more about each other then ask her to go out and do something.
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Just be like hey I liked Hanging out with you I was wondering if you would want to hang out again?Thats what Id say.Just be yourself bro the best way to win a girl over is making her laugh in my opinion.
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Just go and speak to her. If she doesn't like you dw mate that's her problem more fish in the sea.
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Literally mate just send her a message asking her if she wants to go for dinner or a drink if she says no she says no, she might like it more if you just come out with it and don't beat around the bush, truth is mate most girls don't like nervous guys so if you're forward with her and get straight down to the point she might find that interesting.
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Just get straight to the point don't beat around the bush
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come clean rather than wait because the longer you wait the more the feelings build up... it will hurt if she rejects you but at least you will know just be like " So i really like you... and idk what to do about it but i was wondering if you like me to..."
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be yourself man, you got this
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