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Fortnites new LTM Reveals New Grappling Gun!Posted:

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A lot of changes are coming with Fortnite's new High Stakes limited time mode, including the possible return of Dusty Depot and an awesome new heist-like game mode. But the insanely popular Battle Royale game is also introducing a brand new weapon that will help you get around the map a lot easier.

We use the term "weapon" loosely here, because it's not something you'll use to up your kill count. Instead, the newly revealed grappling gun will help players traverse the map and get to hard-to-reach places without having to build ramps or use a Launch Pad.

The Grappler will be a part of your weapon and item inventory. It's a purple rarity and comes with 15 uses before it goes kaput, so you'll have to make do with what you have.
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This actually sounds really cool, thank you for sharing this with us
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Doesnt sound terrible, but knowing Fortnite theyll find a way to make it terrible...
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Sounds fun actually but who knows what it will be like
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Sounds cool the new gun. I hope dusty depot returns too!
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This actually looks awesome I seen it on the skrimish last night when they advertised it
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This looks extremely fun, I'm excited to no life this game mode when it releases. Grappling hook should be fun to use as well.
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